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The Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting is the process of removing finishes such as rust and paint by way of compressed air and various media through a nozzle where the force  "blasts" off the old finish and cleans the surface for refinishing.

L & M has access to a variety of cost effective media for your "sandblasting" projects:

The most economical being sand, it is used for sandblasting swimming pools, stone farmhouses, lawn furniture and some heavy construction equipment. The coarseness of the sand also determines the kind of finish desired.

Walnut shell, corn cob and plastic media are used for those delicate projects such as brick, fire restoration, fiberglass and aluminum parts.

Sandblasting gives a cleaner surface found under layers of paint and rust, therefore giving you a more detailed finish on your painted project - it will make you wonder why you ever considered power washing, paint removers and other advertised methods of removing rust, paint and other finishes.  

For those projects of iron which will eventually be repainted, L & M can provide the primer coat to prevent rusting. This is an important part of the process because just sitting around waiting to be repainted or even a little bit of moisture in the air will cause the rust to reappear within hours and the sandblasting process would need to be repeated.

In those areas where dust becomes a problem,  L & M can help control the dust by using a wetblast attachment at the nozzle. L & M also has resources available to provide specialized "dust collectors" for large industrial projects.

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